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June 3rd, 2022

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Besides the beautiful beaches that Togo is known for, there is so much more to this small West African country. With its rich culture and amazing food, you will be in for a treat on your next visit to Togo.

So, here are some interesting things to do in Togo:

Visit the Grand Marché
It is a very busy market with a lot of small and big shops. The market is full of noises, people and colours. You can buy a variety of beautiful things from this market and it will be a completely different experience from your experience in the malls. There are many colourful items you can buy as souvenirs. It is also an experience to just walk around and see people selling their products there.

Enjoy the Agbodrafo Lake
The Agbodrafo Lake is famous for its beautiful scenery and tranquillity. It is one of the most fascinating natural wonders of Togo. The lake and its surroundings are very beautiful and perfect for photo lovers. The watercolour of this lake varies between green, blue, red and even purple depending on the time of day, weather, season, and angle of view. The lake is situated near Togo’s border with Benin and Ghana as well so it is also easily accessible by travellers coming from these countries as well.

Explore the Bassar and Koutammakou
The Bassar and Koutammakou region (also known as the Batammariba country) is located in northern Togo. This region is known for its traditional mud-brick houses. The most famous among them are the Tata Somba houses with their conical thatched roofs. These houses have been built by local tribes that used to live in this area many years ago. In 2004, UNESCO declared this area a World Heritage Site because of its cultural significance.

Visit the Aného-Glidji Lagoon
The historic lagoon town of Aného-Glidji was once an important trading port between Togo and neighbouring Ghana, but it has since become tranquillized. It is still worth visiting to see its colonial architecture, catholic church and sacred trees.

Visit the Fetish Market
Lomé's enormous Grand Marché is a great place to while away a few hours shopping, but it's the smaller markets along Rue des Feticheurs that are really worth a visit. These narrow alleys are packed with stalls selling voodoo items, including fetishes made from animal parts and various mystic amulets. It's not for the squeamish, but you'll see things here you won't find anywhere else: there are plenty of skulls and bones about, plus whole stuffed animals for sale.

Visit Agbodrafo beach resort
Right on the border with Ghana, Agbodrafo is one of Togo's most popular coastal resorts. The beach itself isn't great – it's more of a rocky shoreline than anything – but it does get very busy at weekends with locals escaping city life for a bit of sea air. There's a fine little seafood restaurant here too, Bar restaurant Mon village, which serves up all sorts of fresh fish dishes as well as a selection of local specialities such as squid, crayfish and crabs.

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